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The true History of the Universe

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The true History of the Universe Empty The true History of the Universe

Post by Narrator on Sun Dec 27, 2009 11:42 am

But a long time ago in the universe, there were myriads of intelligent civilizations that colonized and developed space throughout the galaxies. The Grey's were one of these many intelligent races bent on growth. The Greys however, were more interested in exploration than colonization and expansion. They were a race with technologically advanced areas of living with a society similar in design to communism or socialism. They were not a hive mind but they were strongly driven by group goals and crime was little to non-existent. Again, they encouraged individuality but were also strongly motivated by group goals.

The science and research community dominated politics and thus the culture encouraged the taking of risks to have scientific breakthroughs. During their initial growth outside their own system of planets, they developed a severely high technological level in almost all areas, from transportation and communications to genetic and sociological, with the glaring exception of militaristic and weapons research. Their military was truly a decoration, commonly used as protection for transports and capturing of pirates, guarding off world embassies, and to generally provide a presence for the people. They were one of few most technologically advanced races in the universe.

The Grey used uninhabited planets as research beds, often creating life and directing evolution for their own ends. This driving of evolution led to a collective of civilizations which provided a common defense as well as for acting as a trade collective. Theses Grey's were the Precursors/Masters of the collective. However, since the Greys were the most technologically advanced race and were starting to become a semi-aggressive colonizer as the pressures of overpopulation increased, they became the targets of sinister forces that both feared and envied their growth and technology. Eventually, their continuous growth encroached on a xenophobic civilization of technophobes. This other race was the Prima.

The Prima feared all other races and had successfully collapsed and assimilated the technology of many other budding civilizations. They infiltrated deeply into the neighboring civilizations to both provide intelligence and effect political decisions. Determining that the Grey's advanced technological state was a potential threat to the discovery of their xenophobic civilization, a campaign was undertaken to undermine the Grey's research programs and political stability. The Prima instigated a civil war between various scientific factions. Now needed to quell the growing unrest, the military grew in strength within the government. Discovering the spies, the military forced the government to withdraw from the interstellar community and promoted extremely xenophobic policies. Using the discovered spies as and excuse, they turned isolationist while secretly continuing to build up their military forces. In a bloody revolt, the Grey military leadership captured the majority of the communications and heavy manufacturing facilities.

This revolt was largely made possible due to a secret alliance that the military leaders had undertaken with another alien civilization outside of their own sector. This alien civilization was the Rellons (A highly telepathic race of humanoids), who themselves had been at war with yet another race (Rathiens; another highly advanced tech race) for centuries. The alliance helped both the Rellons and the Grey to create a secret army outside their own governments purview and to overthrow the Greys' leadership and eventually wrest control of nearby space.

This new junta used its new power to solidify their position. With large purges of the dissenting citizenship and a crackdown on communications, the military leadership solidified their hold on the government and increased pressure on the scientific community to develop more highly specialized individuals. They eventually stratified the society into castes. The broadest view of the castes is that there are only four, with further more specialized sub castes. The four are warrior, thinker, worker, and female. While membership in any one caste is very well defined and cannot be bridged or changed, the castes do not operate without elements of the others. The casts are divided into many factions. The largest being The Military Junta and the scientists.

Their scientists continued to develop genetic engineering/reproduction techniques, but their weapons technology was at the forefront. Research was supported by the Rellons covertly. Genetic engineering using alien DNA was banned, as well as research that bridged gaps between the castes. Banned research was destroyed, along with the scientists involved. This was almost completely effective but many scientists fled and avoided capture and some research bases were lost when the dissenting scientist destroyed their administrative records with the locations of the bases. Revolts by the lower castes were now put down brutally by the military leadership. The next period of isolationism allowed the culture to stabilize and for the military to build up their forces.

After a long period of isolationism, the Greys' turned expansionist. At the same time, the military leadership broke all ties with the Rellons - who could no longer control the Grey military. The knowledge the Greys' had gained, in fact, now allowed them to successfully conduct a campaign to conquer and colonize the Rellons planets on this side of the universe as well as the destruction of opposing factions. It was during this phase that their extreme expansionist views allowed them to create a vast interstellar realm.

They conquered many races. If it suited their needs, they kept the survivors for subservient roles or else they exterminated whole races, Their expansionist policies were coupled with extreme genetic purity policies, which caused the extinction of an untold number of sentient races, the first being the Rellons. During this time, the Prima were one of the races exterminated or so they thought. The Prima had been a civilization of shape changing beings of vast power that lived in a republic form of government. One of the Prima planets had been Earth. The Greys set up a research base on earth after the Prima had been removed from it. However, a small number of the Prima knights survived to be put to use as spies for the military organization. These spies were sent into neighboring civilizations as well as into other castes, including the scientific caste. Fortunately for everyone on earth, the knights were co-opted with logic by the scientific caste and turned into double agents.

Eventually a Coalition of forces and races, led by the Rellons, was created to oppose the growing Grey threat. This war is still raging. The Grey's are being defeated by the numerically superior opponents. Technology and manufacturing ability was lost by both sides as the war ravaged the galaxy. The war had strained the military leadership's ability to control the factions within their own civilization, and insurrections and rebellions had broken out through out their realm. Unfortunately, the other factions were of inferior design (they were designed that way) and the military was not spread so thin that they could not quell most of the uprisings. It did, however, put an additional strain on the already stressed military industrial complex.

Noticeable in their lack of aggression were the Scientists. They had maintained a low profile during the insurrections, slowly building up their own forces and working toward their own goals while the military was distracted. The scientists had recovered documents that pointed to the continued existence of Precursor research stations, but in a state of war, they did not have the resources to search for them. Through leaks and the network of Prima double agents, the scientist caste exposed to the military (who had superior numbers and resources) the fact that there were in fact some bases (but not their locations) and research beds that had been unmonitored for millennia. The Scientists only hoped they would find something they could use to help their cause and win back control of the Coalition and turn the thought of their Grey civilizations back to that of peace. On some of these bases however, the Prima too were working on usurping the Grey leadership from the military for their own means.

The exact nature of the research being conducted at these bases was not available and the military, predictably, decided to send out scout vessels in an attempt to locate the secret bases and learn their nature. They hoped to use the research against the scientist caste as well as the Coalition, who had contained the Greys' and were prosecuting the war in the Grey's own territory now. If they determined that the research was too great a threat, the research was to be denied the scientists by any and all means necessary. Alternatively, if the exact nature of the research was not apparent, they would survey until the nature of the research became clear, at which time a decision would be made.

The truth about Earth
The mainly genetic research on Earth had begun during the Precursor reign and had continued unabated through the reign of the military and subsequent wars (both internal and external). The exact nature of the research on Earth was to develop a very mutable and adaptable species that the Scientists could use as workers, warriors, and breeding stock. The humans and all sentient life on Earth were a direct result of the Grey's working with banned technology and research in which they tinkered with and mutated alien DNA.

The Military sent out scout ships through much of their old territory and far beyond it until Earth was discovered. A military scout happened along to Earth and discovered the banned research. Fortunately the scientists delayed relay of the scouts discovery to the military. That was enough time for the scientists to take over the research and take some precautions before the military could inevitably discover the base, possibly using the Prima. The military learned of Earth, but could not determine the true nature of the research. They decided to survey Earth until a determination could be made. They also attempted to infiltrate the scientific community on Earth, which was attempted through the use of a downed penal ship. The military had 'planned' a failure in systems of a transport ship full of criminals and rebels, which would cause the ship to ‘land’ on Earth.

The primary goal was to determine the nature of the banned research and of the new society on Earth and relay it back to headquarters. Secondary goal was to deny the research to the scientists. The whole time, the military had put a time limit on the implanted insurgents onto Earth to take over and get back to them with the data needed to determine if the 'experiment' should be canceled or let to continue. Canceling the research could mean the possible destruction of the planet itself.

The end result would likely play out as follows if the players and GM desired to play in such a world:

The Military would try to capture as much of the research themselves. Which would mean many human abductions and especially the higher castes (ie, more technologically advanced societies). Unfortunately the long term survival of the Earth would depend on the scientist caste ability to control or at least redirect the military, or overthrow it. They could definitely only survive short term in a war against the warriors caste.

The end result is this; Earth is a little piddly backwater planet. The Military want to destroy the research being done here and are trying to discover the scientists and the Precursors. The Scientists want to save the Precursors and deny the military their goals. The prisoners are just here to cause trouble, break some things, and basically do random criminal things.

October 9th of 2002, the Grey Military caste began arriving in our solar system with the goal of destroying earth and reducing it to a barren rocky world. Once the ecosystem is destroyed, it would be easier to find the precursors who would no doubt survive the destruction. The fight would have gone something like an aircraft carrier like the USS Abraham Lincoln and an amphibious marine assault detachment invading Europe in the 1890's. Kind of like nuclear age meets Victorian age. On that point, the really only sure way to wipe out an ecosystem is radiation. Lots and lots of radiation. The clean up troops sent down after that would look mostly like bio roids from Robotech and mechs the size of small buildings.

IN my recent game-play history things got altered a bit due to direct player involvement;

Fortunately, Rathien (A highly advanced race from the other side of the Universe with ties to the ancestry of Earth) ships met the initial fleets and were manned with Pax Concordat (Elite squad of Highly trained Anelonians) agents. Most of the grey Fleet was destroyed and the immediate ready resources of the military were limited so they backed off for awhile, or so we thought. A second assault came on November 14th, 2003. This time the invaders got through to the orbit of Jupiter and shortly before they were annihilated, launched one FTL missile that got through to earths atmosphere.

Through the ability of being able to manipulate the worlds propaganda machines, Pax Concordat (who had been on earth since the rise of the Egyptian Pharaohs and were watching for alien incursions) was able to falsify the reports of an alien battle in the stars and 'prove' that it was a rather large cloud of meteorites that scientists had seen for decades and sent missiles up to divert the paths of impending doom for Earth. Unfortunately the one 'meteorite' that got through but burnt up in our atmosphere (crashed in Nigeria) also had some alien flora and microbes on it. When it heated up in the atmosphere, it released a virus that killed 1.6 Billion people world wide in a matter of months. Pax Concordat was able to keep the rest of the world alive by releasing an “anti-biotic” to the rest of the medical foundations of the world in record time. They did it largely through the Aeon Foundation and Lonn Medical & Securities Research centers, and of course no small help from the novas living on the planet.

Humans on earth have since then met up and formed a kind of alliance with the scientific castes here on earth and with their help, we have delivered false information about this planet being too far under the control of the new experiments here to bother with using resources to destroy. We’re basically telling the homeworld that were not worth the bullets to kill us. That information will not hold us peace forever though. As soon as one of the military ships is capable of returning unscathed, were in trouble. The information here on this planet would be priceless to the junta and a war would show us many billions of casualties. That’s a war we cannot afford right now.

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