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Kay Update

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Kay Update

Post by Narrator on Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:20 am

Kay was last played on an outpost planet for planet Carlisle. She was investigating a relay signal that gave indication that all there on planet Grenor were not killed by the Rend. Unfortunately she also found a Snee scavenger party which had landed and were in the process of taking whatever technology they could find. After disposing of their main ship, she only had to contend with the scouting party in the hopes they did not call more down from their flagship which was in the system nearby.
Kay had located some of the survivors in the area and was currently trying to help them repair their AI which would then be able to control the surface defense network. The issue was that there were still pockets of 'dead' AI that had to be locally purged. Her goal was to purge all the local networks without alerting the Snee of her presence.

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