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Excerpt from Ramiro De La Luna’s personal journal {Short}

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Excerpt from Ramiro De La Luna’s personal journal {Short}

Post by Narrator on Sun Dec 27, 2009 11:48 am

April 7, 2017

The world is changing. I can feel it. My skin tingles with the approaching icy fingers of death that I have avoided for so many years (43 years 150 days to be exact). The wind howls with the death wails of friends and foes of long ago. The Earth itself feels unnatural under my feet. It almost feels artificial. Everywhere you look you can see man’s influence as they shape the Earth into his own image of a paradise made of metal and plastic instead of what God’s perfect image once was. The air has the stale taste of a sanitized hospital. Again, the feel of death is here. I stand corrected. The world is not changing, it has changed. And here I stand, a living history book of the way things were.

I have lost touch with much of the past. Few exist here that would back up my claims. And many of them remember it differently than I. But this is how I remember it and that is how I am going to tell it. Maybe then you’ll understand my feelings and why I see this world as an aberration not this Utopian paradise.

My life began on the island of Puerto Rico. There in the town of Fajardo I was raised by my uncle and aunt. I was taught basic morality but also a deep love for the Earth. At an early age I became involved in civic movements to help save the environment. Yes, I was the child hoisted in the air at Green party rallies as a symbol of why changes were needed to be done. How futile the attempts were as I look back on it now. But then it seemed to be of the utmost importance. Our biggest triumph was to make world wide knowledge of the environmental destruction the United States Navy had been doing to the Caribbean while they were doing there war games; like I said before, how trivial.

My gang of friends and I would do our little terrorist acts until one day we went too far and full attention was placed on us. A group of jar heads took it upon themselves to take us out themselves. These weren’t ordinary people but a group of “lab rats” genetically engineered to serve one purpose and that was to destroy life. I believe they were the first examples of Nova’s this planet had seen. Some would argue differently but they have similar scents. These “lab rats” were unleashed on my gang as an easy exercise. They were a little bit over zealous in their efforts. Not only did they slaughter my friends but they also performed cannibalistic acts, eating the hearts and eyes of their fallen foes. I found them feasting on my aunt and uncle. I guess they got hungry while they were waiting for me. Blind rage overwhelmed me. Even when I try to think about the events now I only remember fragments; fragments that I don’t care to share.

I awoke to a man pouring a bucket of water on me. I was the most refreshing sensation I have ever felt. I could hear tiny screams as he continued to pour water on me. I lifted myself up and surveyed the carnage that was all around me. My clothes were a bloody tattered mess. And all around me were bodies of monsters in the marines’ uniforms. They looked a lot like Teragen do after a little too much taint. All of a sudden my body began to convulse and I vomited three days worth of meals. Good thing, for the blood of these monsters of the ancients would have been death for me. The man hoisted me on his shoulder and carried me away.

The next time I woke up, I was reunited with my father in the foothills of Georgia. He taught me the ways of my people and the honor of being a chosen warrior of Gaia. Yes, I am a Garou, a werewolf one of the changing breeds. Funny, even then he called our people a dying race. The worse was yet to come.

That was the first major change that came to my life.

Many other changes were to happen but nothing as drastic as when I met the creature that called himself Asche Lonn. That child of Wyrm and Weaver should have been killed the fist time that I set my eyes upon him. This creature was more silver tongued than any Fiannna I had ever met. He offered me a deal that struck a cord in my heart. He gave me the promise of insuring the existence of my people. I accepted his offer and even enlisted in his monkey saving militia. I thought that the training couldn’t hurt and I may have made a good ally for the final war.

Again, I repeat, I should have killed him the first day that I set my eyes upon him. I learned a lot about his lies and pretty stories of the universe that he comes from. He had a base on the dark side of the moon. It was nice to be at Luna’s home but I should have known better when it was evident Luna herself wouldn’t enter his base.

Soon it was obvious that our goals were on two different paths. After the realization that we were using each other we parted ways peacefully. As a token of gratitude for my services he gave me permission to enter at will at any of his bases worldwide. I can’t say that I haven’t taken advantage of the offer but I can tell you that it stopped.

Asche single handedly was responsible for the gauntlet becoming almost impenetrable, for the vampires becoming a heck of a lot stronger, my people losing their ties with the spirits, and most heinous of all, the eruption of thousands if not millions of Novas. Many of the newly erupted Nova’s took the path of the Hunters and slaughtered millions of our kinfolk and thousands of my people. The gauntlet trapped their spirits and they were unable to be reborn. The trapped spirits went mad and once the gauntlet was released they charged into the deep umbra. Never had I ever imagined an impergium of the changing breeds.

I would of hunted him down but we had out own problems. Our spiritual ties were dying. Even the Weaver serving tribes felt the pain. They saw the folly in worshipping a world filled of glass and steel. So a mass exodus was planned. Yes, the Garou and the remaining changing breeds decided to cut their losses and make a strategic retreat into the umbra. Supposedly there were prophecies that they were to return during the Apocalypse. As far as I was concerned, we were living in the Apocalypse. The hordes of Valhalla came out charging with all their rage and zeal, Fenris himself lead the legions. They were defeated not by tooth and claw but by a magical barrier. They ended up slaughtering each other and dying in shame and dishonor.
Only a handful of stayed behind feeling that our duty was to die here acting as Gaia’s chosen warriors. Never did we expect Gaia to turn her back on us and chose the children of Seth as her saviors. Most of us are depressed and wishing death. Harano sucks and this is the fourth time I have to live through it. I miss all my old friends and the songs of the heroes. I know now that I was meant to remember this time and the times of old.

June 11, 2150
Now the world has changed again. Asche is no where to be found. The questing stone doesn’t even respond to searching him. The gauntlet is gone. Fantastic creatures are roaming free. All the old caerns have power again. My ties to my past lives are stronger than I can remember. People cannot distinguish a nova with too much taint and a spirit. I can though. The hunters ascended to their heavens. But now there is a war among the new gods. Some gods left to form their own existences. There are many gates that lead to what I once knew as the Deep Umbra. These monkeys need to be careful where they step less they arrive to a Chinese Hell.

Gaia doesn’t speak to me much. I think she expected me to be dead. I guess I should be but I did accept Asche’s gift of immortality. Now I am little better than a leech. There are no longer any pure stock humans to mate with. All people are tainted with this new medicine. People can actually live forever if they weren’t so damn power hungry. This truly can become the Golden Age of enlightenment for man. I wonder if the beginning times were like this. My visions of the future are garbled and there are few Theurges left to interpret them. And those that are left I don’t really want to talk to.

I only mate with wolves until non tainted humans are found. I do mate with the occasional spirit creature but they can become a little too clingy at times. My fight against the Wyrm is constant. When I fight, most people just think I am a Nova with shape shifting powers. The veil is completely lifted. None of my children have bread true. I believe Gaia has turned her back on me. I hope to live to a time where she needs her warriors again.

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