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Post by Narrator on Sun Dec 27, 2009 11:56 am

Much of this telling will conflict with what you may already know. But just know this first: In this time, Gaia is much stronger than you ever remember her. Pentex is nearly abolished as a world organization, or more correctly, it never really had the blatant Wyrm involvement with the chairmen and was run by supernaturals. Since the departure of the trio from the meeting of the Wyld, some many details of the World must be known. First know that the First War of Rage never happened. Or more precisely, it never raged to the proportions that history once recorded. For some reason, many of the original instigators of the War had a change of heart and the battle never really got off the ground. Which in and of itself was not a bad thing and Gaia was strengthened with the masses of her children (the Changing breeds) roaming collectively over her glades and throughout her forests. The Garou, or more specifically, the Silver Fangs launched this genocidal event but they had their supporters from the near beginning of it. The Garou in their frustration at not seeing any of the other changing breeds acting in their sacred duties decided it was time that the other children shared in the pain of the Wolven. You see, well, it may be better said to quote Aslan Kurukshetra, Adren Ahroun of the Stargazers to get the feeling that filled the Garou at the time of rage:

"We fought, but the cats did not scout for us. We fought, but the bears did not heal us.
We fought, but the coyotes did not give us law.
We fought, but the dragons did not remember for us or sing the ancient ways.

"We fought and we died. While the cats played in the jungles and savannahs, we fought.
While the bears slumbered and thought their thoughts in the woods, we fought.
While the coyotes laughed in the desert sands, we fought.
While the dragons feasted in swamp marshes, we fought.

The Garou had much resentment and pain in their hearts originally and thus would have began the First War of Rage. But the word was already about that the War was a bad idea and its end result would be annihilation of many a breed. Some of the Garou tribes stood ready to abate it in case the thoughts ever came up again, and the other Non-Garou breed almost to the number, supported them. When the Fangs finally were fed up with the disrespect they lashed out with support of the Fianna, the White Howlers, and the Garou that would eventually be the GlassWalkers. However, the changing breeds, in this alternate history, were more than prepared. For the first time, the Garou fought against an enemy that used pack tactics.
Needless to say, the War, if one could really call it one, did not last long. But the memory of the attack lasted until 2003 when the non-Garou breeds decided it would be appropriate if the Fangs were punished for their improper leadership. Obviously they had failed their sacred duty to Gaia by letting the Wyrm get so strong in their territories. This War of Rage almost wiped out the Silver Fangs and the Glass Walkers. If not for the support of the Mokole’, the Van Helsings, and The Company, the Fangs/Walkers would have been wiped out. Now there remains 2270 Silver Fangs, counting the 1645 kinfolk and just over 3 times that in GlassWalkers. Grimfang was slain and there remain no Rank 6 members of the Fangs. They are in need of leadership. * Note that not all the changing breeds supported the attack on the Fangs.
What happened to the Silver Fangs after they lost their homeland of Russia was something some had expected but none had believed it would really happen. First the Fangs, through subtle manipulation and guile, attempted to usurp the Fianna of their choicest lands, When it was found out by The Fianna, a small conflict ensued and the Ranking leader of the Fianna was slain as were his two pups, one of which was in line to rule. The Fae sided with the Fianna and again the Fangs were cast out of another land.
Using some of their pull with Asche and the Company, the Fangs maneuvered some of the Uktena into compromising positions of giving up some of their Cairns and Tribal homes. The Company pulled support from them in 2014 after discovering it was not for combating the Wyrm that the Fangs were requisitioning all this firepower. The damage was nearly done however and the next assault on the Uktena came not from The Silver Fangs. The Uktena in retreating and giving some ground had accidentally stumbled into a Black Spiral pit and breeding ground. When the BSD’s came down on the entire Uktena tribe with support of the World Crime League it has become almost too much for the Uktena to bear.
The Company has been now lending strength in numbers to the Uktena and trying to calm the Fangs down to stop the slaughter, but the Company Profilers already foresaw that within a month or so, the Last Uktena will bleed their life into Gaia.

An abbreviated summation follows: (all details are gathered through the Moondark systems and Ancient Lonnic sensors)

  • I. The Gauntlet is not as harsh as it once was, or more specifically, it is not as “thick” as it once was in certain parts of the earth. The Gauntlet is evenly defensive world wide and equally non-discriminatory, that is, it is just as difficult in North America as it ever was but it is no harder or easier in Russia.

  • II. The Apocalypse / Gehenna / Ascension never happened. You actually have never been taught the belief of the circle of Life and the eventual destruction and rebirth of the Garou. The only prophecy that is taught and believed in now is the Prophecy of Harmony or The Prophecy of Balance or Order. This prophecy teaches that one day, all life on Gaia will be brought to complete Harmony with her, Man and Beast alike. During this event, Gaia will compromise some to the humans and their developments and then her last gifts will be given out to her children.

  • III. The Sept of the City Born Kings is no more. Nor is House Wyrmfoe.

  • IV. The House of the Golden Sky is being reestablished and reclaimed by a mix of some born to Fianna and a few Silver Fangs. They strongly support the “One-Tribe” belief with One Garou Nation and One Garou High King.

  • V. The Emerald Courts (Beast Courts of the Emerald Mother) in Asia serves as the head organization for nearly all of the Changing Breeds. The few exceptions are The Kumo (Ananasi of the Wyrm), the Fianna, The Silver Fangs, and a few scattered Garou Packs of various tribes. It is run a little differently in the unity aspect. The Courts are merely a form of an Organized Nation or support group in which all the members may call upon for aid in various aspects. To be a member, a pack must swear Loyalty to the Emerald Mother and all Caerns become communal property.

  • VI. Deforestation and Pollution in all parts of the world is strongly regulated by the United Nations, except in Europe and parts of The Former Soviet Republic. In these areas, there is still Wyrm resistance and Corporations growing in power, possibly a rebirth of Pentex. The United Nations is two-thirds plant operatives.

  • VII. Kindred are still under the masquerade but nowhere near the number that existed before (total population on Earth as of 2080: 232,898). Perhaps 1 in 20000 people are kindred, but the Blood runs stronger and purer; the vault was opened in the early part of the first century and the Kindred dwelling inside were destroyed all except for one. Ivhan, believed to be the leader and one of Caines direct Childer, remains loose. Ivhan escaped with the Blood Chalice. He has been unable to be located in over 1900 years.

  • VIII. World Population is at 4,557,854,961 and climbing. The numbers dropped from 7,145,112,982 in the early part of the new millennia when “asteroids” with a space borne plague hit the planet and killed nearly 2.6 billion humans. Looking at the numbers at the time of this report confirm that 90% of the deaths during the VIRA plague were people in developed countries and the victims all had a flawed gene pair in his/her genetics or had a “potentially dangerous chance of giving birth to a less than perfect human.”

  • IX. The Garou’s numbers are slightly off from what you recall. The world’s population of changing Garou is at 1,458,245 (0.3%) with kinfolk numbering 12,686,731. The rest of the changing breeds number approximately 1-2 million per species (Garahl, Bastet, Rokea, Ananasi, Corax, Nuwisha, Mokole’, and the Nagah) total 22,925,021 or 0.5% of the world. This brings the percentage of major changing breeds to 0.8% worldwide. Adding lesser breeds will bring the percentage of Gaias children to an even 1%.

  • X. The Striders were the first Garou that Asche came into personal contact with and thus were the first trusted supernaturals. He has structured his views on the other tribes through the history of the Striders. It was with the help of the Striders that he developed the “Ancient Company” in which he trained Kinfolk and non-kinfolk humans alike, in the ways of combat and resisting the incursions of both the Rellons and other Alien/Supernatural disturbances. It was with a group of hunters like this that the Kindreds numbers were quelled in the early years. Striders are trusted advisors and councilors to Asche and thus to Argus.

  • XI. Garou and all Changing breeds except for the Fianna and the Bastet tribe of the Ceilican occasionally give birth to their base form (Homid, Lupus, etc.) and the child will come into the change but have no multiple forms. However, their body does not change but the physiological changes still happen. For example; A person of this type would revert to Crinos form and have no increase in size or any noticeable physical change but will get the increased attributes and other non-visible changes. This is considered a dishonorable position with Gaia and many tribes will cast out members who show this form, called the Glespis among all species.

  • XII. Silver Fangs, GlassWalkers, and the Black Furies are the tribes involved in the Breeding programs offered by Pax Concordat. Although the program is not totally necessary to bolster the numbers, the Garou have adopted into it to strengthen the Bonds between The Company and the dissolving Garou Nation and to increase the chance of a purebred.

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