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The Fall of Ba'laan

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The Fall of Ba'laan

Post by Narrator on Sun Dec 27, 2009 2:30 pm

After reigning more or less unchecked for nearly 70 years, Ba’laan was finally given a share of what many feel was long over due justice. Hailing from the Terran empire, some enlightened beings co-opting with, as of yet unnamed minor houses, successfully acted together and contacted the people from whom Ba’laan originates.

It was brought to the Iruarii attention that Ba’laan was not doing what he originally intended and instead has set himself up as a Dictator. The Iruar did not take this for face value but sent some independent observers to verify the details. After confirming the truth was given them by these un-named terrans, the Iruar removed a large portion of Ba’laans power.

Well in reality, they tried. Ba’laan had set up a series of stops and walls in expectation of something like this happening and this thwarted the Iruarii effort for sometime. It was only after these again unnamed minor houses used select powers of the Incarnates (The 16 Lord Orbs of the Swords) that Ba’laan was located and he was physically assaulted by the enlightened terrans. Some died on planet Deranni in this final stand, but the attacks did force him to let his guards down enough so that the Iruarii were able to take back parts of what they entrusted to him.

Ba’laan, although severely weakened, put up a great fight and millions were slain. In the end he escaped but his will over our reality was broken. He was believed dead or returned back to his home worlds until only a few months ago when some freighters were spotted with his heraldry. Upon closer investigation it was revealed that he has established himself a minor House with perhaps millions of devotees who stand behind him as he now stands to take over the Multiverse the hard way. He is no longer THE force of Reality, but he is certainly ONE of the forces, perhaps a peer of the trio in Khamylyon, Khay, and Khayn. NO one has had a sure opportunity to measure his power save for a handful of the enlightened terrans who fought him.

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