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Post by Tigerwasp on Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:37 pm

Lucy McKinnon


Physical Description

A stunningly beautiful and sexy young caucasian female. She appears to be of late teens - early twenties.

5’2” Pale blue eyes. Lustrous, wavy, golden hair. Starts as gold fading to ash blonde at tips. Mid back in length.

Always plastered in heavy make-up as if on stage or before cameras. Favours strong heady perfume.

Devoid of body hair.

Truly impressive gravity-defying large breasts. Long, lithe legs especially for her height. Always wears preposterously high heels to compensate for lack of stature.


Tigerwasp did commence her heroic adventures fully sheaved in black rubber, but quickly found this not to her liking: it took too long to don and made her too hot.

She currently favours a cropped long sleeved top of very tight black rubber. This helps constrain her impressive bosom, although it leaves nothing to the imagination. Long gloves that reach her upper biceps cover her arms. The gloves are tiger striped with black stripes on a yellow background. She also wears a pair of tall thigh boots of similar design. The boots have perilously high stiletto heels. Her groin is covered by another piece of black rubber: a thong. A black, rubber mask hides her identity. It leaves open her full painted lips, pert, retrousse nose and pale blue eyes. Her hair is typically pulled back in a high pony tail and bound with a strip of black rubber.

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