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Post by Narrator on Fri Mar 04, 2011 8:15 am

I had been waiting for the majority of you to post in the narrative section before I reply. I was looking for even a one liner stating "Mr X simply observes the moment and has nothing to add." This was done to allow everyone to post and get an action in. However, for this group so far, it does not seem to be working and the flow is stagnating. I am thus going to change my reply rule.

When I see that 2 people have posted a reply to a narrative update (any post by me) I will post sometime immediately after that second post. When I post, you can no longer respond to the events in my previous post. Your character will be seen to have taken a neutral stance, had no reply to the conversation, or did nothing but defend themselves from an attack.

I feel that this will keep the story flowing at a better pace.

Please post here if you have any comments.

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