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Story Direction

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Story Direction

Post by Narrator on Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:20 am

I posted this on my old game forum a few years ago to my old PBP troupe and I want to ask it here as well. This is an open topic and should be considered ongoing where you can post freely without prejudice or fear of ridicule.

As I may have said to all here when you signed up, I run the game but this game is all of ours. It's more of a story where all of you can be writers but I am the studio head and director. I have a certain direction I want to drive the story but I do leave many gaps in time and even plot holes for all of you as players to fill in. I want this to be OUR story.

So please, post here any ideas you might want to accomplish as a team here or even simple things you might want to do IN game and we'll see when it can fit into the plot-line.

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