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House Rathien and the Paramandic Oath

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House Rathien and the Paramandic Oath

Post by Narrator on Sun Jun 14, 2015 2:00 pm

House Rathien and The Paramandic Oaths
                Being founded by one of the original Paramanders, House Rathien has adopted many  of the ways of that Knightly Order. Putting it plainly, House Rathien would not be in the position it is now without the Oath that Roth/Vlann gave when House Rathien was floundering in the first place in the race for dominance of the Haytian sector. Rathien as a house was nearly extinct by the violent invasions and attempted genocide by House Augustus-Hayes. From the beginning, Kenton wanted House Rathien, or New Anelon as it was called then, to be a measuring factor in the age old game of  good and evil. But when he was slain in the chronal flame by his former beloved Lathan, all was nearly lost for the people as well. Roth was born into existence as his revenant and led House Rathien away from Kenton’s original design.

                Roth really did not have any interest in ruling the House but the children of Rathien were not yet ready to do so. Thus Roth approached Khamylyon asking if he could turn the House over to her in Kentons stead; they did share the same Sphere of Alliance. Khamylyon knowing of Roths intention to kill Lathan, her current Lord Knight, was reluctant to seal the pact that was needed but she did not leave House Rathien out in the storm. Feeling partially responsible for the demise of Kenton she pointed Roth toward the Khatic Knights of Khay. Roth swore allegiance to Ranara and Khay and in turn, the powers of Khay ruled House Rathien for a few centuries until Vlann was on the scene. But this leap in development under Khays invisible rule had its price extracted from Kentons original purpose for the sapling House.

                House Rathien was bonded to follow the line of Paramandic rule ever more lest it lose all that it gained under the rule of the Grey One. Vlann saw no way around it so he inculcated the ways into the very fabric the makes the Rathien a species, probably somehow implanting the desire to live the Paramandic way into the DNA. This has given the House countless benefits namely not being subject to the ban or any of Ba’laans directions. The House as a whole has been able to advance where other could not because of this favoring by both Khay and Ba’laan. The latter was put upon the House due to Vlanns allegiance with the Paramanders although not being one of them; Ba’laan knew that should House Rathien ever go against the Paramandic edicts, all the benefits received would be removed. Including the immunity to the ban. If the favor of Khay and Ranara was ever lifted, it would indirectly annihilate the House due to the imposing ban placed upon certain integral things inside the development of House Rathien. Thus the uneasy alliance between Ba’laan and House Rathien.

                In the mean time, and since the beginning of the High Times, House Rathien is bound by both the Khatic Oath and the alliance with Ba’laan. This affects every member of the House born during or after Roths rule. If any one so much as strays from on edict, it brings ostracism upon the whole House and they all are made aware of this throughout their life. House Rathien has thirty days to correct any stray thought patterns or in their people in any manner they can. If they fail to do so they immediately start becoming subject to the removal of Khays favor and the immunity to the Ban. Only the ruling family is not subject to this due to their heredity with Kenton. The rest of the House must comply with the edict in some form lest the end of a species.

                        Lord Rathien has recently found away around this with the demise of Lathan and the fusion of her essence with his own, but only the ruling family is aware of it. Through subtle manipulation of the Chronal fields he is able to change the origin of certain straying ones to that of before Roths rule through Khay. This can somewhat alleviate any repercussions delivered via a straying member of the House. Lord Rathien is very particular and vigilant about this as he himself is somewhat bound by the Paramandic Oath as well.

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