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Post by Narrator on Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:56 pm

Well I was incapable of scanning the entire book into PDF, but I will eventually get the main details either posted here by me copying the type by hand, or doing what I can with scans and OCR PDF conversions.
Its really not a complex system at all and here I will post a really summarized thought on their core fundamentals.

Note: for game purposes and for flow of story, I make all rolls.

Main Attributes Defined

  • Dexterity- skill in using hands and body.
  • Strength- physical power, lifting ability.
  • Body- physical resistance to damage, Health condition. 
  • Intelligence- how easy you learn and grasp ideas, plot, and plan.
  • Will- Mental determination, Mental 'Muscle'.
  • Mind- strength of mental resistance and level of mental harm.
  • Influence- Personality, charisma, level of affect over others.
  • Aura- Base appearance, level of effect over others without a word.
  • Spirit- Mystical damage capacity and resistance, inner self, ego, ID.

 bold denotes resistance attributes.

Attribute points
Everything is done is what is called Attribute points, or AP's for short. It is the AP system that allows the rules of the game to function cleanly. AP's are entirely interchangeable. A character that has 6 AP's of strength, can lift an object that weighs 6 AP's (about 3000 lb); while a character with flight 6 can travel 6 AP's of distance (600 feet) every turn (O AP's or 4 seconds). Note that 0 always used as a unit of measurement, and for all quantities, zero represents the base value around which the individual measurement system is designed.
Weight 0 AP = 50 lbs
Distance 0AP = 10 feet
Information 0AP = 1 paragraph
Time 0AP = 4 seconds
Money 0AP = $25
Each additional one AP of a quantity doubles the amount measured by the previous AP. For instance, 0 AP's of weight is equal to 50 lbs, 1 AP is 100 lbs, 2 AP is 200 lbs, 3 AP is 400 lbs, and so on. With a strength of 25 (Superman's first appearance.) one could lift 25 AP's of weight, or approximately 972,800,000 lbs (about 81,000 tons).
Weight 5 AP = 1,600 lbs
Distance 5 AP = 320 feet
Information 5 AP = 32 paragraphs
Time 5 AP = 4 minutes, 16 seconds
Money 5 AP = $800
Each AP actually represents a range of values rather than the absolute figure. As said earlier, 0 AP's of weight is 50 lbs, and 1 AP is 100 pounds. A player might wonder, then, how many AP's of weight is something that weighs 75 lbs' The answer is 1 AP, because 1 AP of weight actually represents the entire range of weight from 51-100 lbs; 2 AP's of weight represents the range of values from 101-200 lbs, and so on. Similarly, 0 AP's of distance is 0-10 feet, while 1 AP is 11-20 feet, and 2 AP's is 21-40, etcetera.
Rolling the Dice
There are two tables used in this AP system. The Action Table is used to determine whether or not an action succeeds or not. The second table, the Result Table is almost always used in conjunction with the Action Table. One die roll is used to determine your number of successes (Result AP's, or RAP's) as well as the results, don't fear having to roll to many times.
Every time a character attempts a dice action, the Player must make an 'Action Check.' Every action check involves four factors: The Acting Value (AV), the Effect Value (EV), the Opposing Value (OV), and the Resistance Value (RV). Say you are trying to punch someone; your skill/attribute would be used as the AV and your targets skill/att would be used as the OV. If you hit, your strength would be the OV and the persons Stamina or armor would be the RV. A roll of 2D10 would be referenced on the Action Table to yield the successes or lack thereof. That number is then referenced on the Results table for the amount of damage or effect. The dice are rerolled if there are ever doubles are rolled, except for double ones. Double ones are an auto failure. SO if you rolled double 4's and then rolled a 5 and 6, your total roll would be 19; and keep rolling if you get doubles again.
Die rolls are based on your attribute and Skill or power level just as it normally is, the numbers are just different and you are not going to roll as many dice. This AP system ranges all the way to 99 but the levels of power just in the mid 20's is such an ungodly power level that there really is no reason to go higher. But having the 'Potential' attain the higher levels is awesome. There is no limit to this system technically! Powers, skills and every aspect of the character can be related in AP's. Whenever two AP ratings are added together, like in skill plus attribute, you add one AP to the highest AP. For example, 7 AP + 3 AP is not 10 AP, it is 8 AP's, this is because all AP's are double the AP that comes before it.
Now my reason for wanting this new system:

  • I wanted more room for growth.
  • I wanted to be able to easily reflect uber levels as well as meager levels and everything in between.
  • I am mostly a child of the Weaver and must stat Everything in my game.

Whats the human norm and max?
Human norm varies by stat unfortunately as does max.
Following is by stat and set by norm/max
Dex: 1-2/10 Int:2/15(none) Influence:1-2/15
Str:1-2/6 Will:2/none Aura: 1-2/none
Body: 1-2/6 Mind:2/12 Spirit: 1-2/none

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