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Registration and Identity of Nova's (Metas)

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Registration and Identity of Nova's (Metas)

Post by Narrator on Fri Oct 01, 2010 9:03 pm

On this earth, anyone with a power of an external nature (anything that can effect anything out of the users body) is required to register their talents at a Rashoud clinic. There the meta will find they are scanned and quantified and given a number like a social security number in the U.S. This number, called the PIN (Power Identification Number) is linked to the users actual name. If the meta does not want it assigned to their name, a 'secret' identity needs to be made and registration needs to be done under that alias. Screening in this manner is confidential.

If a meta is ever asked for their PIN and either refuses to give it, or does not posses one, a fine is given. If this is a repeat offence and there was property damage or death, the meta may find themselves taken in and Nulled. Nulling is a secret procedure in which the meta has their powers removed. This procedure sometimes results in death.

In short, a meta either must register their real name and powers or register their alias and powers or fines, imprisonment, or worse can happen.

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