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Character generation and submission

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Character generation and submission Empty Character generation and submission

Post by Narrator on Sun Dec 27, 2009 9:56 pm

As it stands we will be using MEGS system. This is the mechanics used by the Old DC Heroes system by Mayfair games. I can convert almost any system over to this one, all you need to do is create a character or show me one from your current system and I'll convert it. The creation concept is very loose and free for the most part; keep it humanoid and were ok. Otherwise, here are the details.

Character Sheet attached to this post.

  • Determine your Nature and Demeanor
  • Determine your Concept. This is what inspired you. (James Bond, Batman, superspy, smart-ass kid, comic support, etc)
  • Determine all physical appearance details. Height, weight, Hair color, eyes, etc..

Physical/Mental/Health   8(4)/10( 8 )/10( 8 )   points avail(max)
          Meaning of one category, no single stat can be above 4 at start.
Categories for stats are:

  • Physical- Strength/Will/Aura
  • Mental- Dexterity/Intelligence/Influence
  • Health- Body/Mind/Spirit

Health note-If any single HEALTH attribute gets to 0, you are dead or dieing.
Most attacks hit the Bod Att and not mind and spirit.

Skills:25 points. Skills are point for point. Max start level is 6.
Aura Skills
Personal Grooming 
Wardrobe & Style

Acting (split out from Perform) 
Human Perception
Performance Art

Dex Skills

Dodge & Escape (this skill is included in Brawling and Martial Arts but not Melee skills)
Fencing, now included under Melee: specify weapon
Heavy Weapons
Martial Arts:specify

Melee:specify weapon
Operate Heavy Machinery
Pick Pocket (was listed under Intelligence, but this is really a coordination skill)
Rifle (includes autorifles)
Sleight Of Hand

Willpower Skills
Resist Torture/Drugs

Intelligence Skills
Corporate Policy

Diagnose Illness 
Education & General Knowledge

Expert: specify (Hacker, Driver, etc) 
Science: specify (Anthropology, Chemistry, Botany, Geology, Physics, Zoology, etc.)
Stock Market
System Knowledge(engineering, mechanical, hydraulic, Solar, etc..)
Wilderness Survival

Technical Skills
AV Tech 
AutoTech (see new skill description, below)
Basic Tech (see notes below)
Cyberdeck Design (see Ross' notes below)
First Aid
Gyro Tech
Pick Lock (included in Security Tech)
Play Instrument
Security Tech (was Electronic Security, see new skill description below)
Weaponsmith (or Weapon Tech)

Advantages/Disadvantages: 6points  Advantages / 6 Disadvantages.
          The points ‘gained’ from Disadvantages can be added anywhere, even attributes at character creation.  When added to attributes, only 4 can be added to any single attribute, ignore max limits.
Mental Benefits
Limited Paranoia (3 point benefit)
You exhibit abnormal paranoid tendencies, but you manage to keep them from running your life. Although others may find this to be an irritating personality quirk, you always keep a close watch on possible ambush locations and are always keeping an eye out for people packing weapons or reacting to your action. You keep this paranoia from ruining your life, and understand that it is unlikely that someone is poisoning your coffee and paying off all your friends to kill you, but you still get +5 on awareness rolls to notice ambushes and the like.
Piercing Gaze (3 point benefit)
You have the natural ability to seemingly look right through people. You can do this to put people on edge, make them nervous or even to get people to back down from you. You get +2 on Interview, Intimidate and Interrogate when the game master indicates that it would be appropriate.
Mundane (3 point benefit)
This is a combination of a physical and psychological benefit. To be "mundane" you must have an Attractiveness between 4 and 7. You know how to blend in in any environment or circumstance. As long as you are dressed to blend and are doing nothing out of the ordinary no one will notice you. Even when you draw a gun and open fire on the CorpSec goons or show up in the lobby of a major corp dressed in full punk regalia, people will only be able to describe you as "average looking, about normal height, no distinguishing features..."
Super Cool / DeathWalk (4 point benefit)
You make the Fonz look like geek-boy central. Not much can rattle you. You are fully aware of what you can cope with and what you cannot. You gain a +2 bonus when resisting horror checks, stress checks and when resisting intimidation. You may not have a cool of ten, but you know what you can handle.
Light Sleeper (2 point benefit)
You sleep very lightly, and are often disturbed in your sleep by your neighbours, local wildlife, etc. Luckily you've learned to live with it and can get by with less sleep than most. You awaken from sleep with an Easy notice roll, or get +0 difficulty on notice rolls against people making stealth rolls while you sleep, as opposed to the normal +10 difficulty.
Concentration (1 point benefit)
You easily shut out anything that might distract you from what you are doing. While this means you are a hard person to get the attention of (-5 awareness rolls when concentrating on stuff, including reading a book, etc), you also get to ignore penalties for other players "kibitzing", firefights, etc, and can halve penalties due to damage sustained when it affects what you are concentrating on.
Direction Sense (1 point benefit)
You instinctively know which way is north, or which way it is to get to the Gibson Memorial Freeway, etc. An easy awareness/notice roll is all it takes for you, landmarks and compasses be damned!
Time Sense (1 point benefit)
You instinctively know approximately what time it is. This requires and INT roll, dif 4 during the day, dif 6 at night, dif 8 indoors or underground. If you make the roll by 3 or more points you know the time within 10 minutes, otherwise it's within a half-hour. You probably didn't wear a watch for much of your life to develop this ability.
Common Sense (2 point benefit)
You have an unusually precise sense of practicality. Any time you are about to do something the Game Master considers foolish, he will most likely give you a warning such as "You may wish to think about that first". An extreme form of this benefit (4 points) has the Game Master actually explain why he thinks you are being stupid.
Eidetic Memory (2 point benefit)
You have an eidetic / photographic memory. If you need to remember something that the player has forgotten, roll INT dif 11 to remember it in perfect detail.
Aptitude Benefits
Gun Nut (4 point benefit)
The character is an incurable gun nut. She gets a +1 on almost any roll involving firearms. This provides a +1 to hit with any firearm, +1 on weaponsmith (weapons tech) rolls involving firearms, and a +2 on any roll to identify a firearm. The character also has a collection of firearms totalling not more than 1,000eb in value, determined by the GM. Usually these are a couple of wonder-nines and another handgun or two that the character bought before settling down with her current weapon(s). On the downside, she cannot resist commenting on various weapons when she sees them. Gun nuts will point out the make and model of almost any weapon seen, whether it is on a cop or a movie.
Car Nut (3 point benefit)
The character is an incurable automobile nut. She gets a bonus on almost all rolls involving automobiles (+1 drive, +1 basic tech, +2 to identify a vehicle). If the character buys the vehicle merit, treat the vehicle as being one class better than the merit calls for. When the character goes car shopping, she knows where to get the best deals, and usually pays 20% less for her vehicles, or at least gets them crammed with optional extras for no extra charge. She also knows all the best garages in town, as well as a few of their mechanics.
Bike Nut (3 point benefit)
As Car Nut above, but relating to motorcycles.
Animal Friendship (2 point benefit)
You have nurtured what began as a natural affinity for animals. Now it seems that animals instinctively know that you are one of their own. Although quite often you will attract unwanted friendly animal attention (strays have a tendency to flock to you), even the best trained guard animals are unlikely to attack you except under duress.
Statistic Increase (3 point benefit)
You are naturally better at something. One of your statistics is increased by 1 point to a maximum value of 10.
Freak of Nature (4 point benefit)
You naturally excel at something. One of your statistics is increased by 1 point to a maximum of 11.
Genetically Engineered (10 point benefit)
You have been engineered to be superior in one ability. One of your statistics is increased by 2 points to a maximum of 12.
Lightning Calculator (1 point benefit)
You can perform basic and extended math in mere seconds in your head. This doesn't necessarily increase your math skill, but does allow you to do math without pen and paper or a computer. If you have math skill of less than 2 it becomes 2. In all circumstances your math rolls are at -2 difficulty.
Fast Learner (4 point benefit)
You catch on quicker than many. Your IP costs are reduced when increasing a skill level. Instead of paying the current level x10 (or whatever constant you use in your games) you pay the level x 9 (or one less if the constant is lower or higher in your games).
Code Breaker (4 point benefit)
You love puzzles. You will happily sit for hours working away at the best puzzle magazines. You get a +2 bonus on any Code Cracking, decryption or cypher-based rolls.
Cunning Linquist (4 point benefit)
You have a knack for languages. After a few days submerged in any new culture you have learned the basics of their language and language structure, and can make your way around being able to ask for food and shelter. You require 20% less IP to learn or increase your skill in any and all languages.
Stylish (3 point benefit)
You are one of the beautiful people. Not only do you always know what to wear, you can look good wearing just about anything. You gain +2 to wardrobe and style rolls as long as it's withing you standard style(s).
Animal Magnetism (1 point benefit)
You have a certain "animal magnetism" that makes you ruggedly attractive to those of the opposite sex, but which immediately prompts a competitive reaction from persons of the same sex. You get -4 difficulty on seduction attempts, but +2 difficulty on all interpersonal rolls against people of the same sex (yes, this equals a -2 difficulty on rolls to seduce persons of the same sex).
Jack of all Trades (5 point benefit)
You have studied just about everything for at least a little while. You get no penalties when making rolls using skills you don't have.
Sharp Shooter (5 point benefit)
You are a very precise shot. While this does not increase your chance to hit, it does reduce your penalties for aimed shots by 1/2.
No Police Record (1 point benefit)
By some miracle, you have never been arrested nor even picked up by the police. This means that your fingerprints are not on file (except with the FBI if you legally own a firearm), and the police have no records of your primary genetic markers and don't have a mugshot of you in their computers. Obviously characters who haves served jail time in their lifepath cannot purchase this benefit.
Professional License (1 point benefit)
You have managed to acquire a professional license for something in which you are skilled. Some licenses are obviously more useful than others, but all of them are quite beneficial for getting work anywhere outside of the combat zone. You must have the appropriate skill(s) for this merit, of course. Sample Licenses include Doctor (MedTech 6+), Nurse (MedTech 4+), Mechanic (Basic Tech +5), Lawyer (Interview +5, Law +6), Architect (Architecture +6), Engineer (Engineering +6), Electrician (Electical Engineering +5 or Electronics +6), etc.
Well Travelled (3 point benefit)
You have travelled far and wide, and have met people with crash pads, contacts, or in similar lines of work. Any time there is a city you have reason to visit or even have to make contact with someone therein, make a luck roll, dif 14. If successful you know someone in that city. You get +3 on this roll for major cities, and -2 for small cities, -6 for towns.
Connection in the Police Dept (2 point benefit)
As the result on the LifePath table, you have made a strong connection in the Police Dept. Through this connection you may be able to get evidence hidden or misplaced, get information on current investigations, etc.
Connection in the District Attorney's Office (3 point benefit)
As the result on the LifePath table, you have made a strong connection inside the D.A.'s office. This could be a family member working in records, or perhaps a friend who is an assistant D.A.. Regardless, you can influence events in the D.A.'s office, perhaps changing bail amounts, or how much evidence it will require before they issue a warrant for someone (such as yourself).
Connection in the Mayor's Office (3 point benefit)
As the result on the LifePath table, you have made a strong connection inside the Mayor's office. You now have the ear (directly or indirectly) of the city's policy makers. The mayor can put pressure on the various utilities, emergency services, police force or even the D.A.'s office.
Nomad Friends (3 point benefit)
As the result on the LifePath table, you have made friends with one of the more local Nomad or Pirate packs. Usually this is in the form of a single friend who is a member in good standing with the pack, but it can also be that you have done the pack itself a service or perhaps ran with the pack for a while and they remember you. Regardless you may use this as if you had the Special Ability of Family at +2, about once a month, when the pack is nearby.
Local Wildlife Likes You (3 point benefit)
As the result on the LifePath table, you have made friends with one of the local Booster (or other) Gangs in town. This could be anything from a few old droogs of yours having joined the Steel Slaughter Slammers, to having saved the life of a member of the Silver Slash or having fought beside the Black Queens. Regardless you may use this as if you had the Special Ability of Rank at +2, but don't overdo it or you'll piss off your erstwhile allies.
Contacts or Friends (variable point benefit)
You have made contacts or friends in the "right" places. What these places are, of course, depend on what you need. You may purchase 5 points worth of contacts from the WildSide Big Time method for every point spent on this benefit.
Biosculpt Job (1-4 point benefit)
You have recently had major Biosculpting. You may not even resemble your original ethnicity or gender now. Unless you are SINless or have a second SIN, your records have all been updated to your new look / gender.
As a 1 point benefit, you have had simple facial alterations and you may select new hair and/or eye colour. It would require a Dif 12 INT check to recognize you now.
As a 2 point benefit, you have had a full body job, from head to toe. Skin tone might have changed, in addition to cheekbones, ears, eyes and hair. It would require a Dif 16 INT check to recognize you now.
As a 4 point benefit, you could have changed your ethnicity (including ethnic-based characteristics like facial features), your sex (including all obvious sexual organs), your height, weight, etc. If would require a Dif 20 INT check to recognize you now - even for your closest friends.
Fake Weapon Registration (1 point benefit)
You have a fake Weapon Registration. The weapon appears to be registered to you according to the paper work, but in reality the weapon's serial numbers don't match up to any REAL numbers or ballistics in the NSA computer system (but it is linked to one of the false sets planted by some dirty cops in the past). This false registration will hold up to routine inspection, and may (1-6 on a D10) hold up to a full security check. Once a month a roll should be made to see if the false set has been flushed out of the NSA systems (2 in 10 chance), in which case the first time you use this registration thereafter will result in a notice that the weapon was using a stolen ID sequence. For a 2 point benefit, the chance of the files being flushed drops to 1 in 10 and the chance of it holding up to a detailed security check becomes 8 in 10.
Falsified Net Access Code (2 point benefit)
You have a Net Access Code that was registered to someone else. You do not have the legal right to use this account, and it will be shut down if you are traced to it. This Access Code will hold up to routine logins and LDLs, and will hold up to even Netwatch inspection 6 times out of 10. Otherwise treat it as the Fake Weapon Registration above. The enhanced version is a 4 point benefit.
Hidden Account (1 point benefit)
You have a bank account under a false name and address. It cannot be traced to you unless you are caught using it. This could also be a blind account through a face bank.
Illicit Account (2 point benefit)
You have a "bank" account with one of the illegal banking operations. This could be with one of the larger organized crime syndicates (especially the Yakuza since they went legit a few years ago), or a private "bank" operated by one of the more liquid megacorporate entities. Wherever this account is, it is incredibly unlikely that you will have this account shut down, unless you do something to piss off the organization in question.
Physical Benefits
Acute Sense (1 point benefit)
You have an extremely acute sense (choose sight, hearing or touch). Whenever you need to make an awareness/notice roll using this sense, you get to add +2 to the roll. This roll is more than just acute eyes, but actually better recognition and use of the optical part of the brain, so this benefit remains even if you have cybernetic replacements. You can take this benefit multiple times, once for each sense.
Fast Healing (2-6 point benefit)
You have an accelerated healing system. Your healing rate is increased by 1 damage box per day for every two points invested in this benefit.
Ambidexterity (1-3 point benefit)
You are either naturally ambidextrous or you have trained yourself to use your off hand with more accuity than normal. For every level of this benefit, you reduce your off-hand penalty by 1 point.
Double Jointed (1 point benefit)
You are double jointed in many parts of your body. While you may not be the Armenian Rubber Man, you are able to bend in strange ways, and can probably escape from a straight jacket with a little work. You get +4 on all rolls to escape grapples and bondage.
Pain Tolerance (1-4 point benefit)
You have developped an incredible resistance to the sensation(s) of pain. For some this is a nervous disorder, for others its the result of many years of body modification or self-denial. Either way, for every point you have in this benefit, you treat all wounds as being 2 boxes less damaging for it's effects on your stats and stun saves. (For example with 3 points of this merit, a 13 damage hit still brings you to mortal 0, requiring a death save every turn, but you treat this as a Serious wound (13 points - 6 = 7 points), which only reduces your REF by 2 and gives you -1 on stun saves).
Drug Resistance (2 point benefit)
20% of all drugs have no effect on your character, and you gain a +2 to your resist torture / drugs skill when used against drugs only.
Extreme Drug Resistance (5 point benefit)
All drugs have only 1/2 the normal effect on your system, and with a BOD roll of 15 or greater, the drug has no effect whatsoever.
Enhanced Reactions (1-3 point benefit)
You have unearthly reaction times. You can cause maximum carnage at most hand-to-eye video games. For every level you gain +1 to initiative rolls.
Adrenaline Surge (2 point benefit)
You can rely on a surge of pure adrenaline to increase your reaction times in combat. Whenever you trigger this benefit in combat, you must use it for the entire combat. While the adrenaline surge is in effect you get to roll your initiative twice and keep the best result, then add 2 to it. On the downside, this adrenaline overload affects your aim and clouds your thinking. You make all rolls in combat at -2, and if a friendly target gets in your way you must make a dif 12 Cool roll to not attack it.
Will To Live (2-6 point benefit)
You are strangely unwilling to "give up the ghost". For each level of this benefit, you succeed your first death save automatically without rolling the dice. This benefit cannot be used more than once per week.
Intangible Benefits
Luck (3 or 6 point benefit)
Your character is exceptionally lucky and can re-roll any two rolls each game session. The 6 point benefit allows for four re-rolls each game.
Danger Sense (5 point benefit)
You have an inate danger sense. You get "bad feelings" and "apprehensions" quite often before bad stuff happens. You start with a special INT based skill called Danger Sense at +2. The GM will make all die rolls for it. Danger Sense costs double the normal IP to increase.
Mental Penalties
Brain Lock (2 point penalty)
You have been caught and convicted of a minor offence. Typical offenses include car theft, tax fraud or a mugging. You have had personality correction and are now uneasy when reoffending. Indeed, you almost suffer a phobia about being caught. When reoffending you must make a difficult [20] willpower roll. It gets easier as time goes, each time you succeed lowers the difficulty by a point. Common brain locks prevent drug use, firearms, computer hacking, speeding or sexual activities.
(by Richard Harris)

Fetish (2-4 point penalty)
You have a sexual fetish that differs from the rest of the normal population. Being gay is not a fetish! You could be a rubber maid; a TV who likes being out en femme or a slave mistress.
A two point flaw means you have chosen to keep your secret to yourself or told a trusted friend. If you are and someone finds out you will be very embarrassed.
A four point flaw version means that you are well and truly out. You think nothing of rubbering up for a trip down town!
Modern people are fairly open minded, but there are still plenty of bigots. You are likely to suffer penalties to social rolls in some circumstances.
(by Richard Harris)

Fearful (1-4 point penalty)
You are not a coward but are easily frightened. Threatening people are bad enough, while firefights terrify you. You suffer a penalty to resisting intimidation attempts and horror checks equal to the value of this penalty.
(by Richard Harris)

Intolerant (4 point penalty)
You are a bigot and strongly dislike certain "types" of people; a particular group (a religion, ethnic group, gang or company); oreveryday occurance (drugs, traffic). Anyone from the above groups are completely beyond redemption in your eyes. 
When you encounter your target of hatred, you must make a make a difficult [20] cool roll to maintain your manners (if you have any). No matter what the roll, your social skill totals are halved. The subject of your hostility will pick up on your attitude, so they may act less friendly to your associates.
(by Richard Harris)

Paranoid (2 point penalty)
You suffer from mild paranoia and believe that someone is out to get you. You can spin conspiracy theories from just getting a parking ticket. You are very careful not to leave any possible edges for your enemies - or friends - to find out.
This Penalty cannot be combined with the Extreme Paranoia penalty or the Limited Paranoia benefit.
(by Richard Harris)

Extreme Paranoia (4 point penalty)
You suffer from Paranoia just as above, but you also hallucinate on a failed perception test (1 in 10 chance). You might see snipers; black shadow 'copters, or agents reporting on you whereabouts.
(by Richard Harris)

Phobia (variable point penalty)
This something scares you. Perhaps it is the dark, crowds, death or something completely unfounded. Phobias range from mild to major. Although the fear ratings given here may look odd, there are plenty of modifiers your ref can use to up the values. Phobias are rated as mild or major, and the flaw point cost will vary depending on the severity of the phobia and how common it is.
Mild phobias
 are not so crippling, they are something you fear and would dislike being near, but mostly you can knuckle down and face them. A mild phobia is a normally a two point flaw and requires an average willpower roll. A mild phobia of heights, means you could go onto the roof, IF you can force yourself to. However, you will have a -2 penalty to all tasks due to fear. Additionally, you must make a willpower test every ten minutes, or you will leave the area that is distressing you.
Major phobias
 require a difficult willpower roll and are often a four point flaw. Typically, you will not approach an area or person/object that causes you fear. If you are forced to approach, you can make a difficult willpower roll to comply. However, repeated checks every ten minutes are required, or you will leave as above. You also will have a -5 penalty on all actions until you leave.
Common Phobias: Phobias and the costs are listed below. The values in brackets are the costs for a mild and then a major form of the phobia.

·         Crowds: If you are in a room or area with more than ten people, you could get freaked out. (2/4)
·         Cyberware: Don't ever risk an implant. You don't know who designed it, what it really does and how IT could control you. As for people who have it, they are under THEIR control.... (3/6).
·         The Dark: The worse thing is, you can't see things coming. Night time is okay, but darkness freaks you out. (2/4)
·         Enclosed Spaces: This is a common fear, getting into lifts isn't easy - there's not going to be enough air!! (2/4)
·         Filth: What? Wade through all that crap? No way, there could be germs, dead things.. Eugh! (1/3)
·         Fire: Its horrible, fire consumes. The smoke makes you gasp for air and the heat chars you flesh. Bonfires you can deal with, but a house blaze - GET ME OUTTA HERE! (1/3)
·         Guns: I hate guns, they were made for killing. Best not carry out in case of accidental discharge, and better still, keep away from those gun freaks. (3/6)
·         Heights: Hitchcock had it right, being that high up just isn't natural. Who knows if the floor won't give way, or the wind blow you off? (2/4)
·         Loud Noises: Big bangs make you jump, explosions and thunder make you panic. (1/3)
·         The Net: This place is full of data pirates and The Men in Black who electronically plot the digital ragnarok. Don't mess with computers or deckers. (2/4)
·         Open Spaces: If you are out in the open, there is no cover, no shelter, no place to hide.... (2/4)
·         Scientists: They toy with nature like a child plays with matches. We're gonna get burned again... it's enough that they know. They know things we we're meant to know.. (1/3)
·         Sea: The sea is bottomless, you could fall in and NEVER be found. (2/4)
·         Sharp Objects: Okay so bullet kill, but they do it quickly. Knives or swords make you bleed, so you get to watch you life dribble away onto the pavement. (2/4)
·         Technophobia: The modern world is a crazy place. It's made more so by the machines we use (Or do they use us?). Don't play with electronics or mechanical things - its not natural (3/6). 
(by Richard Harris)
Promise (1-4 point penalty)
You have vowed to yourself that you will, or will not, perform a certain deed. It could be trival, like never take drugs, or it could be something dangerous, like swearing revenge on a corporation! Whatever it is, you must complete this compulsion at all times. Nothing stops you, and you must make a Cool roll, dif 17 to force yourself otherwise.
Trival promises
 are worth one point and include: Never smoke; always wear a certain colour or uniform; don't speed. 
Minor promises
 are worth two points and include: Always tell the truth; follow a special diet (veggie, vegan or just special synthetic neutrient diet); uphold your religious beliefs; never have sex; never take recreational drugs; take revenge on the person who wronged you. 
Major promises
 are worth four points and include: Never take any kind of drug; never have cybernetic or bioware implants; always carry a firearm; remove on all foes. Some strict religious beliefs fit here intead of in the minor penalties.
(by Richard Harris)

Saver (3 point penalty)
Unlike the carefree shopaholic, you like to keep big reserves kept back just in case a major bill comes up. You always save you money, you are not a scrooge, just not a throwaway. You must make an average [15] willpower roll to splash out on anything that is not absolutely necessary. Vital purchases are rent, food and new clothes (occasionally).
(by Richard Harris)

Shopaholic (3 point penalty)
You are always spending money. Clothes, food, drink, drugs or the latest music video chip gobble up your money. You must make an average [15] willpower roll to save money. If you roll a 1 you spend D6 x 10% of your money and if you fumble you go on a massive spending spree and blow everything. Your overdraft charges could keep the Bank of Borneo afloat alone.
(by Richard Harris)

Ego Signature (1-5 point penalty)
You have a need to take credit for everything you do. You leave a mark behind wherever you do something. Some people drop a business card, others a piece of origami or a shuriken. Whenever you do something you must make a cool roll - flaw or leave your ego signature behind.
Overconfident (2 point penalty)
You feel that nothing is beyond your abilities. This is a role-played penalty where the character will have more faith in his abilities than the player might (for example, a base rifle skill of 11 and still believe that the extreme range shot is easily within his grasp).
Nightmares (1 point penalty)
Most nights (5 in 6) you have a difficult time sleeping because of recurring nightmares (usually of some past trauma). If you are using the rules for Stress from Grimm's CyberTales, then roll a D6. On a 1-4 you gain that many stress points, on a 5 you not only gain 5 stress, but do not sleep enough to get rid of your old stress points. If not using the Stress rules, roll a D6, on a 1 you are at -2 on all rolls for the day, on a 2 you are at -1, on a 3-5 you just tossed and turned and woke up screaming, and on a 6 you had a restful night's sleep.
Absent Minded (3 point penalty)
You have real trouble remembering small things... like people's names and so on. To remember stuff like names, the need to buy more ammo, the meeting time or place, roll INT dif 13. Also, you cannot take notes of game events.
Aptitude Penalties
Reduced Stat (2 point penalty)
You just aren't intrinsically good at something. One of your stats (chosen by you) is reduced by 1 point.
Few Criticals (2 point penalty)
You don't count the re-roll on a natural 10 unless the result of the re-roll is an even number.
Deep Sleeper (2 point penalty)
You are prone to sleeping in until the early afternoon. You are often late for meetings and dates, and must make a Difficult Awareness roll to awaken in times of trouble. Also all Awareness rolls against Stealthing oponents while asleep are at +20 difficulty instead of +10.
Shy (1 point penalty)
You hate being the centre of attention. Because of this you get -2 on all social interactions as you must draw at least one person's attention to yourself, and -5 on any actions when you are the centre of attention for a group who are not all your friends.
Short Fuse (1 to 5 point penalty)
You get a -1 to -5 penalty on all cool rolls to avoid violent confrontation (such as aggression checks during combat-drug highs, heat waves, and facedowns).
Hard of Hearing (2 point penalty)
You get a -4 on auditory awareness rolls. This can be partially compensated for with cybernetics, but it's more a problem with you auditory centres in the brain and your lack of attention to auditory clues than it is an actual hearing disorder or damage to the eardrums.
Bad Eyesight (2 point penalty)
As above, but for visual awareness rolls.
One-Hander (2 point penalty)
You get -4 on rolls using your band hand (instead of the normal -3), and also get -1 on rolls requiring the strong use of both hands (firing rifles, intricate surgery, etc).
Societal Penalties
Code of Honour (Varies)
You have a personal code of ethics and live up to them to the letter. Breaking your code requires an average willpower roll. If under coercion (drugs or otherwise), you gain +4 to resist orders (if applicable).
Ganger - 2 points
Avenge an insult.
Protect fellow gangers.
Your gang's enemy is your enemy;
Defend the gang's honour and it's turf.
Dealer - 2 points
If you are paid for a job, you will do your upmost to finish it.
A dealer's word is binding and you will honour it (even if others don't - to a point).
Gunslinger - 2 points
Never shoot an unarmed man.
Never shoot someone from behind.
Never take advantage of an ambush situation.
Never set a trap except to defend your home.
Corporate - 4 points
A business promise must be kept.
Always remain true and loyal to your patron corporation.
Always try to treat other business persons with respect.
Remember those who welch on a deal.
Cop - 4 points
Never kill unless it is absolutely necessary.
Uphold the law.
Remember that suspects are innocent until proven guilty.
Do not turn a blind eye or accept a bribe.
Directive Four (classified) ;-)
Decker - 2 points
Never betray a source (of codez or warez).
Never pay for a server when you can rip of The Man.
Mistrust authority (at all times!).
Criminal Record (1 point penalty)
You have a criminal record, and your SIN, FingerPrints and identifying DNA tag appear in the police and FBI records, along with your "rap-sheet" detailing what criminal activities you have been convicted, accused or suspected of.
Major Criminal Record (2 point penalty)
You have a "rap-sheet" that's "as long as my arm!". Your vital stats are kept near the top of the search engines for Modus Operandi with local police forces and the FBI, and the cops start talking to you or monitoring your activities whenever something happens that could be your doing.
Bad Reputation (2 point penalty)
You have a street reputation that does nothing to improve your standing with anyone. This could be earned or not, but it's always something nasty like being a betrayer, liar, psychopath or rapist.
Lecherous (2 point penalty)
You have to make a seduction check against eligible persons of your prefered sex. In addition you must make a Cool roll at -2 to even consider putting up a resistance to seduction attempts from your prefered sex. If your character is openly bisexual in preference (or omnisexual), then this is a 3 point penalty.
Ward (3 point penalty)
You have a "Ward". Someone you have to watch out for (a child or other dependent). Did anyone say "plot hook"?
Hunted by the Police (variable point flaw)
You are hunted by the police - usually for a crime you commited or are suspected of, but sometimes it's just a vendetta.
·         Hunted by a few local cops for whatever, personal, reason - 1 point
·         Hunted by the local police force - 3 points
·         Hunted by the State police force - 4 points
·         Hunted by a national police organization - 5 points
Hunted by a Corporation (variable point flaw)
You are being hunted by one of the "corporate citizens" of your area. This can be for something you have done against them, or maybe they are looking to extract you.
·         Hunted by a small local firm - 1 point
·         Hunted by a medium local firm - 2 points
·         Hunted by a corporation with interests statewide - 3 points
·         Hunted by a national corporation - 4 points
·         Hunted by an Orbital - 5 points
·         Hunted by one of the BIG CORPORATE Multinationals - 6 points


Once this is done, PM it over to me and I'll get it onto a character sheet and back to you in no time.
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